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TOUR's purpose is to collect scientific research/education results of Tohoku University, and to offer them to all over the world.
TOUR is free service. We offer the fulltext of the articles or course ware and others with agreement of author.
Our emphasis target in constructing TOUR is to collect especialy "education result".

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100 文学研究科・文学部 (Graduate School of Arts and Letters/Faculty of Arts and Letters) [1691]
110 教育学研究科・教育学部 (Graduate School of Education/Faculty of Education) [1210]
120 法学研究科・法学部 (Graduate School of Law/School of Law) [185]
130 経済学研究科・経済学部 (Graduate School of Economics and Management/Faculty of Economics) [500]
140 理学研究科・理学部 (Graduate School of Science/Faculty of Science) [8192]
150 医学系研究科・医学部 (Graduate School of Medicine/School of Medicine) [7830]
160 歯学研究科・歯学部 (Graduate School of Dentistry/School of Dentistry) [2008]
170 薬学研究科・薬学部 (Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences/Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences) [1341]
180 工学研究科・工学部 (Graduate School of Engineering/School of Engineering) [8674]
190 農学研究科・農学部 (Graduate School of Agricultural Science/Faculty of Agriculture) [3972]
200 本部 (Office) [2]
210 附属図書館 (Library) [62]
220 病院 (Hospital) [66]
300 国際文化研究科 (Graduate School of International Cultural Studies) [568]
310 情報科学研究科 (Graduate School of Information Sciences) [1635]
320 生命科学研究科 (Graduate School of Life Sciences) [393]
330 環境科学研究科 (Graduate School of Environmental Studies) [518]
340 医工学研究科 (Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering) [139]
350 教育情報学研究部・教育部 (Graduate School of Educational Informatics Research Division/Education Division) [178]
400 金属材料研究所 (Institute for Materials Research) [3867]
410 加齢医学研究所 (Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer) [138]
420 流体科学研究所 (Institute of Fluid Science) [123]
430 電気通信研究所 (Research Institute of Electrical Communication) [1191]
440 多元物質科学研究所 (Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials) [2183]
450 災害科学国際研究所 (International Research Institute of Disaster Science) [1]
500 東北アジア研究センター (Center for Northeast Asian Studies) [329]
510 高等教育開発推進センター (Center for the Advancement of Higher Education) [186]
570 総合学術博物館 (University Museum) [28]
580 史料館 (University Archives) [145]
600 国際高等研究教育機構 (International Advanced Research and Education Organization) [3]
630 サイクロトロン・RIセンター (Cyclotron and Radioisotope Center) [1451]
640 未来科学技術共同研究センター (New Industry Creation Hatchery Center) [159]
650 学際科学国際高等研究センター (Center for Interdisciplinary Research) [35]
670 極低温科学センター (Center for Low Temperature Science) [0]
700 サイバーサイエンスセンター (Cyber Science Center) [92]
750 国際交流センター (Center for International Exchange) [5]
760 埋蔵文化財調査室 (Archaeological Research Office on the Campus) [37]
770 グローバルオペレーションセンター (Global Operations Centre) [0]
810 原子分子材料科学高等研究機構(WPI Research Center) [110]
830 電子光理学研究センター(Research Center for Electron Photon Science) [0]
840 グローバルCOE (Global COE) [7]
850 ニュートリノ科学研究センター (Research Center for Neutrino Science) [9]
860 国際教育院 (Institute for International Education) [0]
870 教育情報基盤センター (Center for Information Technology in Education) [3]
880 評価分析室 [4]
890 環境・安全推進センター (Center for Environmental Conservation and Research Safety) [1]
900 東北メディカル・メガバンク機構 (Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization) [9]
980 学友会 (Gakuyu-kai(Students' Friendship Association)) [314]


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